Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Motherly Wisdom #9: Your kids represent You

Your kids represent you so they should always look better than you. (Unless you are a millionaire) I'm so for real about this, you just don't understand. 

I was on welfare. I had limited funds, and children to try to raise. Child support was limited and I had to finish obtaining my Associates Degree in Police Science. 

There wasn't one time that I left my house and my children didn't look put together. I could have looked homeless, while they looked like they lived in a mansion and had a yacht. It didn't matter that I was in school and on welfare, my children deserved better. When you have kids out of wedlock, its bad enough you have limited choices, but the last thing you want is to have your babies at daycare being talked about. 

Yes, yes; I was one of those worried about what people thought, but, when it came to the kids it wasn't JUST THAT SIMPLE. If your kids look like they are being neglected in any way, child protective services would be knocking at your door. So, I never wanted that for them; I didn't mind looking like I was neglecting me FOR THEM! 

That is the way you have to be; those are the choices you need to make until you learn how to either bargain shop, or build wealth! 

Dana Neal
Coach and Mama!

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