Sunday, December 28, 2014

Motherly Wisdom #28: Mom's go in their closets. ‪#‎catchthat‬

Mom's don't have anyone to lean on, so they go in their closets; do you want to know what that means? WE go to GOD! 

WE don't have a choice, but to go to GOD. Ya'll have lost your minds, so we have to go prayer. I mean, sure we can call a friend, lean on our husbands (or try to), but the only that can bring about a change, is GOD. 
Whew yes! The LORD is the answer! God in the closet, close the door and don't come back out until WE GET THE MESSAGE. If you dont' hear from us for hours, that's why; if you never hear from us again, check the closet. 

Let me say that no matter what is going right, MAMA HAS GONE TO THRONE FOR YOU. No matter what is going WRONG, MAMA IS GOING TO THE THRONE. See, we SAVED PARENTS know, that if we just TALK ABOUT IT, God is coming for that, but if we BE ABOUT IT, we can get HELP. 

The closet is the best place to get some quiet. I'm not sure what is going on the closet, but the world ceases to exist in there. There you can hear both sides of the universe: the earth and the spirit realm. (well that would depend on who you are, and if you wait on God to answer). 

As a mom, I know that it takes work for families, and this is our JOB. 

Dana Neal
Coach and Mama 

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