Saturday, December 27, 2014

Motherly Wisdom #27: Family is a lot more than what MONEY CAN BUY!

Someone taught me years ago what family means. When THAT PERSON left the earth...yeah..well..
I miss her, but I'll say this, I think poor families have the most love in their lives because they didn't have money to cover up their weaknesses. 

Families spent time at home, having birthday parties, or bar-b-ques; they watched football, or movies. 

Neighborhood families spent time together not spent money. When someone is gone, they hurt, not because they didn't do enough, but because they are not longer there. Family is a lot more than WHAT MONEY CAN BUY. 

I like money. I want more of it. I'm truly working my way towards BILLIONAIRE STATUS, but I want family more than ever. I want the support from the people that I think should love me unconditionally. 

Let me be transparent again: for the past 3 Sundays, I have been having family dinner. We would increase in numbers little by little. We only eat and leave (an hour or so), but we come together. I want to be able to have everyone come together and really sit and chat, but its hard. Either way, I want us together. Let us get to know each other. See, FAMILY IS MORE THAN MONEY BUY. I failed, but I'M TRYING NOW. 

I thank God for Esther Russell and what she taught me. Miss you.................

Dana Neal 
Coach and Mama 

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