Friday, July 27, 2012

Featured Business Woman: Stephanie Terrells

I've done it again! I have found a wonderful business woman to feature on the blog that will help motivate you to get past your fears and into function; move from waste into wealth; progress from poverty to posperity! I pray you enjoy Stephanie Terrells as she speaks about herself, her business and more in her own words.

My name is Stephanie Terrells Wilson and I am the visionary & creative director of Divine Favor Couture which was birth Feb 19,2007 but wasn’t launch until the beginning of 2012. Divine Favor Couture Christian specializes in clothing, accessories, bath and body products for both men & woman on the go.

I was born in Memphis, Tennessee in March of 1972 and have lived in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas for almost 15 years. I am currently the visionary of Divine Favor Couture and the Creative Director of Di Divine Designs. I am a divorced mother of three children, Di age 14, S. Edward age 20 and Sequoia 25. Di is an active in various activities in high school and the visionary of Di Divine Designs. S. Edward has recently started a lawn care business, looking to enroll into college this fall and would like to complete a degree in Criminal Justice. Sequoia is currently stationed in Afghanistan and severing in the United States Army she will be graduating with an associate’s degree this fall. I taught all of my children at a very early age to be lenders and not borrowers. My mother and children are the most important people in my life. My drive and passion comes from the influence of my family that keeps me moving forward to continue to excel towards my divine purpose as well as being a positive business role model not only to my children but other women. My life is fulfilled by my wonderful family, friends/associates, success of our family businesses and a genuine dedication to hard work and divine passion.

My Life

My name is Stephanie Terrells Wilson and I was raised in Memphis Tennessee. At a very young age I informed others that I had a passion to become a millionaire and wanted to create my own business. My father owned Terrells Remodeling Services until his death in 2002 it was through this desire to be the leader of his own destiny that I caught the entrepreneur spirit. I met, dated and married my husband Barryl in July 1997 during this union there were many ups and down but God taught me how to become a women as well as my mission which is to ministry to broken women. After our divorce, I attended college and several trade schools to make myself more marketable within the corporate arena, but after obtaining job after job I still was not fulfilled because I didn’t have my own. The word of God says that “If the Son therefore shall make you free, you shall be free indeed” John 8:36. I have the full authority on this earth to walk in the divine freedom that was given to me before the foundation of the earth. So I decide to join multiple MLM’s which could allow me to be my own boss as well as empower others to do the same. After many years of building other companies and still not receiving monetary gain for my family and I, the decision was made to work a business that would benefit the kingdom.

My struggle with starting this business was that I have so many products to add to my personal brand but I didn’t have the finances available to get everything up and running all at the same time so I decide to break everything into several phrase until I have could complete the birthing process of this divine vision.

My triumphs are that my business is growing and getting much needed exposure. I will participate in my first radio broadcast Tuesday 31st and I am looking forward to television segments after the launch of our upcoming bath and body line. Divine Favor Couture website is 

My daughter Di which is 14 has launch a business as well which called Di Divine Designs which specializes in upscale clothing, handbags, gems, and shoes as well as custom rhinestone & Swarovski crystal tees. We also provide personal wardrobe styling services to those that are interested. For more information regarding Di Divine Designs please feel free to visit : and the Facebook site

The purposes for both companies are to evoke confidence, promote personal growth, motivation and an expectancy of what others say is impossible.

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