Saturday, June 23, 2012

Featured Business: Heavenly Homies

In her own words, Mrs. Lydia Williams shares about her business with her husband Heavenly Homies! This feature was very exciting!!!

 My name is Lydia Williams, my husband Carey D Williams and I started a business called Heavenly Homies Newspaper. 

We registered our business on 2/21/12.  We didn't start putting anything together until mid-March because I was still trying to work and start this business at the same time.  It didn't work, so I stopped working.  The Holy Spirit gave me this idea for a newspaper around November but I didn't get going until March.  

What were your struggles when starting your business? 
Our struggles thus far have been primarily financial.  It has been particularly hard for us to get the advertising we need to pay for the paper.  Because of this, of course doubt sets in, so I just keep talking to God about it, thankfully, he almost immediately confirms that this is what I'm supposed to do.  Most of Heavenly Homies Newspaper's struggles have been from inside the "church".  We are finding that many "church" folk are unwilling to bend on outmoded tactics to get to new believers through the doors.  Many are not impressed unless you have top name writers such as Joyce Meyers or Creflo Dollar on board.  I've been told that "we don't have money for experimental advertising".  For some reason, many church folk don't understand that there are other people that are anointed as well.  I have several writers that have voluntarily gotten on board with me and we're so blessed to have them as part of our business/newspaper/ministry.  They have contributed so much.  There's absolutely no way we could have done this without them.

What have been your triumphs!!
Some of our triumphs are:  1) the caliber of writers that we have, some have written books, have been featured in magazines, have been in ministry for a long time, or are called to do great things... 2) an offer of free distribution for the first month (woo hoo) so our newspaper can be placed in CVS's, 7-11's and other locations... 

Why did we start this business?  We noticed that there were many activities for Christians to do in the Central Florida region, except, people didn't know about them.  So we decided to start this business to compile all of the Christian events in one newspaper so EVERYONE can get to an event and have closer walks with Christ or possibly come to know him.  The articles are just a bonus.
Check out our website at and let us know if you have any other questions.

Carey & Lydia Williams
Heavenly Homies LLC

Thank you so much Mrs. Williams for sharing with us about your business.  Please visit their website for more information. 
Dana Neal

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