Monday, July 11, 2011

Getting on POINT!

Sometimes we so fast through life that our head spins. We move according to what  happened and what needs to happen later. NEVER, do we move in the right now. We are always preparing for more (or less) and thinking about the past.

It's time to get to the point.

The point of your life is to live right now and to accept today at its fullest. As a business and life coach, I tell my clients that tomorrow is not here for you, today is; yesterday is no longer your problem, ask for forgiveness and move on. Getting to the point is truly part of what is important in leaving legacies. What does that mean you ask? It means you have to consider you children and possibly your grand children and what values and concepts are you instilling them right now.

Getting to the point of your life, your business and your family starts with re-evaluating what you are doing; what works and what doesnt! You really must write things down and pick them apart piece by piece. Yes, write on paper, not on the IPAD. Yes, write and feel the frustrations you have as you do so. On your paper, at the very top, write GETTING TO THE POINT. Under that write what YOUR POINT is, not what everyone thinks it should be. Under that make a list of what you have been doing in the past year to get to the point. After you have it all written down, take a yellow and a pink highlighter; in yellow highlight the things that have worked in pink mark off the things that dont.

This project needs to be done! We are in the 2nd half of the year and you have to move forward and obtain the wealth that God has promised you. Get to the point of your life right now!

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