Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ruby Bratton~~The FurLady

Furtasia offer many beautiful fur things.

The brain child of Furlady.

Began in 1987 with the purchase of a bag of mink tails from a local furrier, the design of accessories with fur, feathers added by her mother.The gift of design from her mother, an artist, writer and self taught designer.
A love of fashion , fur & creating unsual items, Furtasia was created with recycled fur. A hobby, shared with her mother, who passed in 2002, was something they enjoyed for the fun of it.

The Jessie V Collection was created in memory of her mother, whose favorite fur was Chinchilla.
The Barbara Jo Collection, created in memory of her sister, Barbara jo Trotter.

She now creates exceptional one of a kind items with very fashionable women in mind. She loves the work and hope to create something sensual for all her clients.

If you are interested in her fur pieces, please click the link above and/or meet her at the one of these social networks.

We respect the groups that want to save the animals and the anti-fur groups.
YET, we also respect the small business owner and their endeavors.

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