Thursday, December 10, 2009

Compass~~Mrs. Opportunity

(Here I am helping others; what a great time do it? Just in time for Christmas)

I really am in need of your help. I am striving to reach the Top Level in my company called Compass. The Top Level is that of a Presidential Ambassador, a Presidential Ambassador will be apart of an elite group of individuals that will assist in the leading Compass to the next level.

Compass is a personal development company committed to helping you improve your life through powerful, affordable coaching programs and services. Compass will help you take consistent action to make changes in the most important areas of your life in just a few minutes a day.
Check out all the great resources, coaching programs and services focused on Self and Life Balance. Get Started NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Get yourself set up for 2010 by getting positioned for greatness.
Visit for more information.

My goal is to help people live the life they want by getting at least 60 people to take the leap of faith by joining Compass as clients and getting 25 people whose purpose is to help people join me as a Compass Representative/Coach. My deadline is Dec 31, 2009 and with all of your help and support I can do just that. If it's not for you, all I ask is that you forward the information to those that you think can benefit. Compass is helping me fulfill my PURPOSE. which is Caring for People God's Way!
I appreciate you in advance for all of your help and support and I thank you for helping me help others!
P.S. We also have a program for Teens!!!

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