Friday, May 15, 2009

Featured Business OwnerKendra Burlison

Well you know any business is big business! Kendra Burlison, is ready to build her business one step at a time. A Wife and mother Kendra is working hard. In her own words, she shares who she is and why she is working her business! Please support all small business women...they are working hard for their families!

My name is Kendra and I’m a wife of almost 5 years and a mother to two wonderful children. One is 4 and the other is 8 months. My 4 year old is old enough for preschool, and I was lucky enough to find one close to home, and at a reasonable price. However, that was money we didn’t have to spend. I’m also a college student studying graphic design. It was been a big worry for me and my husband that when I finish, we wouldn’t be able to pay the payments on my school loans. However, I’m not a quitter and have been working towards my degree since my early 20’s. But still these were things that were a weight on our shoulders.

Then I attended my best friend’s launch party, and I learned about the Arbonne business opportunity. And what an opportunity it was! I saw that I had the ability to work for myself, put my daughter through preschool, pay for college, and contribute to my family financially. I never wanted to go back to work at a regular job because I worried that I would be paying someone to raise my children for me and missing out on the most important parts of their lives. With Arbonne, I can be home with my children and yet, pay for preschool and college. I plan on making Arbonne my career, and putting my graphic design degree to good work with my very own business. For me, Arbonne was a smart decision and an opportunity too good to pass up!

What is Arbonne you ask?

Arbonne is this wonderful health and wellness company with products that are pure, safe, and beneficial! Everything is botanically based and REALLY works. From the RE9 skin care line that can literally turn back the clock on your skin, to the baby care line with the best diaper rash cream I have EVER used, to their Figure 8 healthy living and weight loss line, there are over 400 products to choose from. And doing the business has literally changed my life. It was so easy to get started, and even though it has been hard work, I can’t believe how easy it is to understand and duplicate what others have done to be successful.

Contact info:

Kendra Burlison

Independant Consultant # 18196530

(209) 728 7654 (cell)

I'm still working on my website, so I don't have one yet...

Kendra Burlison
Independant Consultant

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