Thursday, April 16, 2009

Featured Woman: Charli Pickett

God picked a wonderful woman to share HIS word, motivate others, and build a ministry.

Mrs. Charli Pickett is achieving in life what I want in my non-profit 4, My Kids, Inc, being a speaker! When you are a child of God, speaking while emphasizing HIS commands is beneficial the listener's life.

Mrs. Pickett has achieved so much in her life, I wanted to share her with my readers. Yet it doesn't stop there with speaking, she is an author and international speaker as well.

'Her mission is to love, encourage, edify, buildup, and set free the women of today.

Women's ministry has always been close to Charli’s heart. Mentoring women for many years resulted in her Christian Women’s Conference ministry. Her desire is to see women move into their rightful positions in the kingdom of God, women of power, grace, and the true “Beauty of Holiness.”

Besides her Women’s Conferences in the United States, she has ministered in China, Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras, and Mexico. Charli and her husband Bob are ordained ministers and founders of Shiloh Ministries, Inc. They have been in ministry for over 18 years. They have been married 36 years. Shiloh Ministries also transports Bibles into underground churches in China, mentors young people, Christian couples, and Christian athletes. Charli and Bob co-hosted “Shiloh Ministries,” their Christian television program for 5 years. Charli also co-hosted a Women's Christian Television Program on CTN, the Christian Television Network in Nashville. TN.
' (taken from her shared biography)

What an awesome woman God has chose to use. Mrs. Pickett is one to look toward as women that are involved in the world's current economic down turn find their plan B. Please visit her website if you would like to have her as a speaker at your next event. Remember Charli Pickett is a woman that is spirit led and spirit fed; she does not compromise her spirituality!

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