Thursday, April 16, 2009

Featured Business Woman:Rhonda White

An Elevation Speaker and PASSION Coach to help Catapult you to Reach Heights Unknown in all areas of your Life through Speaking and Writing.
This woman is about her life, her business and her spirituality. I am encouraging all people to get with her program and sign up for her sites. She is a motivator, encourager, speaker, minister..she is a WOMAN of God.

Seems like they are all coming my way today!

I need you to stop by her site and buy one her books, why? You need a special treat today and everyday and I want to help you achieve it. IF you buy one book, you get a treat free..bring a friend along and they will too! I love my sisters that want more in life and want to help others! Rhonda White is about it only have today to get in where you fit in and not miss it.

God bless you.

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