Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday Tea~~Fasting and Hearing

Sit back, have some tea or coffee and let's talk!

The importance of a fast is to get connected to the spirit....giving up what you like in order to hear the LORD talk to YOU...

"The "key" of fasting to receive God's authority in His kingdom, will be covered in this teaching. The Lord said He would give us the "keys to the kingdom." What did He mean by that statement? Keys to the kingdom are actually keys of authority." bible.comhttp://www.bible.com/bibleanswers_result.php?id=179

I am going throught the 40 Day Thinking fast with Gregory Dickow. It's rough, but it's eye opening. When you start doing things that will exalt the Lord, you will start seeing the devil come in and tear down your world as you know it! Fasting from wrong thinking is just as important as fasting from food,water, soda,etc.

This is not something I'm telling you to do, I'm giving you options that maybe your Pastor hasn't. If it all works where God gets the glory, why not? You have to be spirit led to be spirit fed.

Read Isaiah 58 what the Lord says about fasting.

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