Monday, February 25, 2008

Marriage Monday

Where is your love? What happened in the midnight hour yesterday that changed your today? Has your love been lost? What are you doing to rekindle the flame, bring back the passion. Do you even want to bring back the passion?

Sometimes the passion in a marriage can be renewed by the renewing of your mind. I want you to take some time to FAST.Fasting means stopping something you love for a time to reconnect with the Lord and just LISTEN. I want you to go to and sign up for the Thinking Fast that Mr. Dickow started a few weeks ago.

Renewing of your mind about your spouse will help you fall in love again! The Thinking fast is about changing those negative thoughts into something new for you and those around you. Something positive.

Marriage is exactly what you make it; if you make it out to be soooooooo bad and soooooo discouraging, it will be all those negative "vibes" you have poured into it.

If you want a day for just you and your husband let me suggest Woman Unique Online
When you know that you're ready to go to the next level in re-lighting the fire in your marriage, a couples getaway or gift for two is what you need.
God's blessings be upon you all that you want for the better of the kingdom!

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