Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Single Parent Syndrome and all alone.

This post is going to be real short and real to the point.

When you are single with 2-3 kids or even one child and you don't have help you are in trouble! You may or may not have a car, you might be trying to go to work and/or school and you don't have any money.

Where is the help? Even if you are on the system, their money isn't enough! What do you do? You lean on the Lord's side and keep your head up. I was there...with 2 and 3 children. I'm still there married with 4 children.

It is hard to be single and considered doing the right thing....when you aren't listening to the "normal folk"! And what is normal? Normal is what you do that's GOOD and morally correct for your family.

Just because you were a shack dancer all those years ago doesn't mean you don't know the value of a $1 it just means you have great business sense! God help us!
Did you know it is a blizzard outside your life and inside? You are hot and cold all at the same time because you are trying to be mom and dad and there is no one there for you! Do you understand the downfall of that at the age of 50? You might be able to accomplish much, but when you look back you don't well up with pride, your eyes fill with tears because Tommy and Joanna at 3 years of age didn't understand all you went through to get them to college, get them a good education and for YOU to keep living. It's Single Person Syndrome and all alone...you need motivation and encouragement and you couldn't get it. That's okay...wake up, look up! The only being that has your best interest at heart is God.
That's it, that's all...that's everything!

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