Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday Tea

Welcome everyone to Tuesday Tea!

Although I will be having different posts here and there, I wanted to start having topics day to day that will be interesting and spiritually helpful.

Most times during our day to day life, we need a break to talk about issues, concerns or just talk; hence, the Tuesday Tea.
My concern today is the lack of love in the world. Not the type of love that a husband and wife share but the general love that is shared between friends, colleagues, co-workers. There is a love that needs to be postively directed. The same love God had for us when he sent HIS only son.

I don't think the church realizes it's effect on the people. When I say people, I mean all people. Those that are saved and unsaved (Saved= claim Jesus as their Lord and saviour). Those that are following a shephard whose teaching might not be THERE. Or who only teaches on the prosperity aspect of life. Those that are new Christians and the church looks down on them because their skirt is too short, or their jeans are sagging. Whatever the cause maybe, I don't remember Jesus looking down on Matthew or the woman at the well! So, saints, who are we to snub our noses at the stripper, the peddlar, the drug dealer? Who are we?

Where is the Love?

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