Thursday, September 27, 2007

Friends of the Married

Simple instructions:
1. Don't call after 9 pm unless it's an emergency..and don't use the time zone as an excuse.
2. Respect the sanctity of the marriage...just because yours didn't work, doesn't mean theirs won't.
3. Don't feed the mind of the husband/ not be their cosigner on what's wrong. Tell them what's right even after they vent.
4. Stop being their sounding board if they are wrong.
5. If you're single, ask the Lord to send you somebody or ask HIM to give you the strength to keep out of theirs.

Sometimes people just don't get it! They are not supposed to be involved in every waking moment of the couples' lives. Sorry mom/dads of married children; cut the apron strings...if you raised them to be dependant on you....well guess what? They will always be wet behind the ears and not making in relationships that are important.

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