Sunday, May 06, 2007

Leaving the World Behind

I must say that church services were awesome today. Our Bishop preached about coming out of street life. WOW....sometimes you dont' know what your hang ups are until you see it from the spiritual. It's a dead end world if you allow yourself to be trampled on by what the world may bring. It's time to leave the world behind.

I learned, from service today, that I can allow little foxes to come in and "bother" my whole peaceful setting. Sometimes I have it together and sometimes I don't...but I know if I just lean on JESUS...I am strength comes from the word I read everyday.
Needless to say the spirit took me to Isa. 8:11-22 the topic was Fear God...(in my New Internation Version. It was funny because in the midst of the DRAMA in our many of us fear God?

I know people who smoke but in the same breath say you shouldn't play with God...but you are in bondage to smoking..I know people who are the same time dealing with illnesses and calling out to God why??? Well, let the spirit lead your life..stop shacking and give everything to God.

I also know me...whew! I'm not perfect..I'm not always right, but I"m making it....there are things going on in my life that I can either let harm me...or I'm going to PRAISE GOD in the midst of and know that HE IS....I fear HIM because HE can take me out...the same way HE brought me in this world.

I made a choice to leave the world behind so that I can have a foot at heavens door...I'm trying to help all that I can...I may be too strong..or too bold...but I want you to get yours while you still have time.

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