Monday, April 24, 2017

The Epiphany

I had an epiphany Resurrection Sunday weekend that had me challenged; that MONDAY I woke up with a bad taste in my mouth. 

A taste where I knew I was utterly alone; so alone IN THIS WORLD, I was ready to go back to Milwaukee and say the hell with this JOURNEY STUFF, I'M SAYING NO. 

But in my spirit, I couldn't say no. I couldn't turn around and go back. On my social media, one of the first things I read was about going to a place that made no sense, getting off of social media and focusing on God, and, basically, sitting in my yes. My yes is so important to others, not to me, because I could die today, and in dying someone will have to go over my life and see what I have done to serve God. 

The Epiphany 

Yes, I thought of myself as a failure. I had spoken it over my life many times in that past week. I had even gotten to the train station and thought about getting back on the bus and going to my ex's house and just applying for a job. I was ready to go to HELL for disobedience, BUT THE EPIPHANY held me back. It shook me up and brought me to my senses. 

I HAD NO CHOICE, but to stay on the path already lain out for me no matter what the struggle is or was; WHEN YOU ARE FILLED WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT a YES is a YES. 

Consider the times in your life when you had an epiphany; what did you do? Go against the grain or with it? 

Dana Williamson 

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