Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Fast Cars and Slow Sex: Why Fast Cars?

They tell us patience is a virtue, but I say if you desire patience, and wait, you will still be going too fast. It is something that is cultivated through time, and experience. You can't buy patience.


Why fast cars?

Because we like them.
We like to feel in control.
We like the exhiliration they bring when our foot is on the gas, hands on the gear shift and mind on the road. The lesson here isn't about the fast cars, but what it puts in us as we drive.

Is our mind on the road? What are you thinking about when speeding through the streets of your town, traveling the country side, or just trying to get to work?

Ladies, I would drive so fast, when I got out the car I needed a cigarette. (I don't smoke, but flow with me here).

The lesson here is the recklessness of fast cars is the results of lost control in our lives. We drive fast not to get to the destination but to take CONTROL OF GETTING TO THE DESTINATION.
I would step out of the car with my 4 inch heels on, purse, briefcase, and sache' myself into my office, smiling at everyone, and, oh yes, don't forget the caffeine in my hand.

Why fast cars? Because they aren't fast cars. They are driven by drivers that don't have control of their lives. NO, I"m not talking about those that drive fast occasionally for the invigorating ride around the speedway, or beach parking lot; I'm talking about the regular Jane Doe that has her priorties MIXED UP.

Ready for the SEX LESSON? See you tomorrow.

Dana Williamson

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