Thursday, January 15, 2015

Ways to be B.A.D. #15: Stay in the Race

No matter what the world looks like; no matter what trials you come across in your life; NO MATTER WHAT THE WHAT IS, stay in the race.

Just like this actor in a move, when the trouble comes you might have to jump the ship you're on, but you not out of the race. 

Your life is an endless, narrow road. The road for the best results in this life and the next is going to be narrow and rough. The problem you have right now, is wondering if you should stay on this road; in this race.

Most people want the easy life, so they stay with the devil, and play his games, but the easy way DOES END. The Bible says we must endure to the end, which means IT AINT EASY.

In order to stay in this race, you better be ready for all that life throws at you. Remember you want the best in heaven, not suffering in hell!

Dana Neal

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