Monday, December 01, 2014

Oh, It's Christmas Time: For the Moms

Good morning Ladies! 

It has been quite a while, but we're determined to get through and press through! 

It has come to my attention that young adults are doing their best to remember their parents by the gifts they purchase. They feel that because its Christmas times, and moms like gifts, that its a great substitute for all the drama they caused all year. 

I don't think that was the real intent on why Jesus was born, but just flow with me here: THE CHILDREN DON'T HAVE THAT CONCEPT JUST RIGHT. It's Christmas time??

I"m still a young mom, even at 43, but I have noticed that my children take a different spin on things, than we did at their age. It is gift giving time, if you are into the commercialism, but the gifts, don't take away from the character and attitude of all year. I have 4 children (3 of my own, and one blended), and each one has their own attitude. Whether loving or emotional, angry or disrespectful, each child still receives love from their parents. (Me and my husband) 

It all goes in what they SAW as they were being raised. 

I think most of feel like, when you teach, you're telling, but as I get older, I see what I taught was what was seen. I'm thankful for being able to take care of them throughout their young lives, but I regret some choices I made that may have left a bad taste in their mouths. Oh yes, ITS CHRISTMAS TIME. 

For years, we didn't have a great Christmas, because of what was going on all year. Time has proven that the effects of that are hidden in our family. For you, if you see or feel the same, realize the error of ALL OF YOUR WAYS, and re-teach the things that are important. Moms, we are the cuddlers, the counselors, the teachers, the menders, etc in the lives of our children. Take some time right now to think over their lives, renew your commitment to them, and bring FAMILY BACK. 


Dana M. Neal
Coach and Mom

OH WAIT: Starting today we'll have Motherly Wisdom ...we need it! 

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