Saturday, December 20, 2014

Motherly Wisdom #20: Let Go

The toughest part we go through in loving our children is letting go. We have to take our hands off of our adult children in order to allow GOD TO DO WHAT HE HAS TO DO.

It's hard, because they are our FLESH AND BLOOD, but as saints, OUR FLESH DIES DAILY. When our flesh dies, our wants and needs IN THE FLESH need to die as well.

Let me express to you that the end result of their choices in their lives, have nothing to do with what we taught them, or tried to teach them; it has to do with what their flesh wants.  Our children, and their CURRENT LIVES, are by the choices they have made.

LET GO. Just give it up, and live. Give up the control and let God have HIS WAY. Your insight from today forth should be on letting them learn from the lessons that God has for them. Bless you mothers, as you get the wisdom and let!

It's tough, but necessary

Dana Neal
Coach and Mama!

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