Thursday, December 11, 2014

Motherly Wisdom #11: Family Justification may be False

Friends, family or foe, will try to justify how they treat you, but won't use that same justification rod for you to them. For every side to the story there is the truth. For every thing done out of emotion, there is a broken heart.

When you are wounded you will wound others; you will make them suffer the consequences of what you WON'T DEAL WITH or LET GO OF. 

The problem with being hurt, is, if you don't deal with it , it becomes a thorn in your side; the more you get POKED, the more you want to punch OTHERS. That's isn't good ethics. 

The other part is the justification of your being hurt in order to hurt others is false. You can't love that way. The best part of loving is leaving the pain aside, but the only way to leave the pain aside is face up to how you got hurt and FORGIVING OTHERS. 

Never try to justify hurting someone else! 

Dana Neal
Coach and Mom

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