Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Can You Afford NOT to be a Hostess?

Recently I have joined Bamboo Pink in the prelaunch stage to see the wealth in obtaining another stream of income. The jewelry is phenomenal! Even though you may not want to join the business for free (until April 1st) can you afford NOT to be a hostess?

So many benefits as a hostess, but better benefits as a rep

  • Hostess credit is 10-25%.
  • At $1000 in sales credit will be 25% or $250.
  • Hostess will be able to get up to 5 pieces of jewelry at 1/2 price.
  • There will be booking rewards of free jewelry up to $100.
  • Another huge perk is that BP will take care of credit card charges (at least ...a 4% savings).
Contact me at to schedule your virtual home party. Oh, didn't I tell you we can have a virtual party as well? So easy you don't have to cook!

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