Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Playing Catch Up: Day 34 of the 77 Day Challenge

This has been a great ride getting through this challenge. A friend of mine encouraged me to focus on ONE business during this 77 day challenge, so that was Coach Dana. Going strong and getting things scheduled has been a busy process. So, I've been playing catch up with networks, businesss associates and more.

When I started this challenge, I had deactivated my account on Face Book. Now that I am trying to write more articles and brand myself, I have reactivated in order to get the word out about ME!!! Yes, so the challenge is even more challenging because you can get caught up in the wrong conversations on that network.

Needless to say, I am working diligently to keep focused. So here we are on day 34 of the 77 day challenge, half way there! HALFWAY!

What can I tell you about the past few days? Well, let us see here: I have invested a few pennies into GREAT Network Marketing businesses. What, did I say that horrible word(s) Network Marketing? Well, as a business owner you have to do it. So, this business is not something that offers you what you dont want, it offers what every small biz owner, direct sales consultant NEEDS. A virtual office, conference room, etc! I was so excited to get involved; I was about to spend $60 a month on a webinar room where I am now spending 8.97 (see my previous blog)...
GVO Conference

I have scheduled webinars for Coach Dana and challenges for business owners on the site.

BUT BUT BUT, I must say that I did jump and look at one of my other businesses in the past week. Faith Travel 4 U has had some upgrades to the site. I have added, Cruise Direct, and Sandals in the past week to help serve my customers better. These sites give you more to choose from and great deals when it is time to travel. Go there and get your travel needs met!

I didn't mean to jump over to the other business while trying to build Coach Dana, but the challenge has been challenging and rewarding.

So that is what I have been doing on the challenge. Day 34 is huge, I have to get more things organized..please watch the blog!!

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