Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 42 of the 77 Day Challenge

This has been a great challenge for myself. I must say that right off! It has been a  long hall of challenges and trials for myself.

Long story challenge short, I am so tired. This is really hard work. Why? Well, me, being the serial entrepreneur that I am, I work really hard to do it all. ALL! Working at a 9-5, my family, my businesses, I do it all. So the only reason why I am doing this challenge is to work on ONE business at a time to make it work.

I have been focusing on my coaching business for the most part of this challenge.  It has helped me to focus on what was best for my clients, not myself. I have scheduled many events to end this year, and get COACH DANA in the faces of others. I have written articles to help show me as an expert in my field. What has been my noticeable expertise in the past 35 days? Helping and encouraging others. That has been the high point and high life of my challenge! Realizing that my business is NOT about me is not something new, but something more exciting to look forward to everyday!

As a self-proclaimed business coach, I know that everything I do and learn is about increasing my wealth, but increasing the understanding with my clients and what THEY  do next. As I look at day 42 of this challenge, I see that I am working hard not just for black Friday..but for 2011. I see past the problems we all have as business owners and help see the gold lining (silver is just not enough) that will help leave a legacy.

So where do I go from here. I keep doing what I am doing! Day 42 hasn't brought me more money, but it has brought me more insight on how to help bring in the money for myself and my clients. So...35 days to go...are you with me?

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