Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Make a Difference – And Make Commission

Have you heard about this launch yet? Everybody’s talking about it!


It’s called the Happier Kids Now 2010 Online Expo and it’s designed
specifically for Parents, Teachers and Homeschoolers. And it’s a
way for you to not only make a difference, but earn profitable

Rhonda Ryder and Patrick McMillan, two Parenting authors have lined
up incredible speakers like Marianne Williamson, Bruce Lipton,
Marci Shimoff, Robin Sharma, Bob Doyle and well known childhood
psychology, education and self-esteem experts.

These leaders will cover current challenges such as child obesity;
child/teen depression; ADHD, autism and nutrition; struggling
students; classroom chaos…and solutions such as teaching kids the
power of their minds; emotional intelligence, character building,
positive parenting and so much more.

Your friends and subscribers will LOVE you for telling them about
this event because they’ll receive all sorts of goodies for FREE

**Patrick McMillan’s ebook, The Ultimate Kids Guide to Happiness
(37 pages)
**Interview with New York Times Best Selling author Peggy McColl
(47-minute audio)
**Interview with Bob Doyle (8-minute video)
**Plus FREE access to the Online Expo and all the Interviews

Remember, this is an opportunity for you to not only make a HUGE
difference in the lives of kids, teens, parents and teachers all
around the world, but also earn incredible commission as well.

Rhonda and Patrick have created a GENEROUS commission structure.

Check out all the details right here (make sure to watch their 40
second video!):


Once you sign up, they’ll take you by the hand and lead you every
step of the way. If you can cut and paste, you can participate in
the first ever, Happier Kids Now 2010 Online Expo.

All my best,

P.S. Find out the incredible featured experts they’ve got lined up
and the topics they will present. Make sure you sign up and become
an affiliate so you can start receiving all the important details
about the launch and find out how they will reward you for your


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