Monday, June 21, 2010

Dana Marie

Have you ever heard the word mixed in with great music? Have you ever needed a word mixed in with soothing sounds? Well, you can get that with Dana Marie's Poetry CD: The Word: Life, Love and Spirit.

The CD is $15 but you can win your own by joining our two week contest. This is a free contest but you must do some work; with everything listed below you can gain points. The more points you have the better your chances of winning. There will also be special giveaway for someone THIS WEEK! So, are you ready? Then get set and GO!!!

1. Join AND invite a friend to the fan page. Send me their name and when they join you get 2 pts. (you can LIKE Dana Marie on the right hand side of this blog)

2. Sign up for our follow up services so you can keep up with events, deals and steals. Visit blog...3 pts

3. Listen to our 5 Minute Messages at and make a comment. 1 pt (2 pts if you join and follow)

4. Listen to our daily message at and make a comment (1 pt)

(invite your friends to check it out too!!!)

5. Follow on twitter

6. Sign the guest book on the website letting us know what you like most about Dana Marie.

That's it. Very easy....GO!

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