Monday, January 11, 2010

i-Virtual Assist Blog Book Tour~~Dominique Watson

It is finally here! Are you ready for the first blog book tour hosted here???? Tomorrow night is the night!!

i-Virtual Assist Book Tours features Too Much Untold, by Dominique L. Watson.

"I left Heaven’s house a couple of minutes after Marissa. I hoped everything was ok. I was glad to hear that things were good with Katora. I hoped she called soon so I could come over and see them this weekend. When I got home I saw my mom’s car parked outside. “Finally”. I thought. I hope she wasn’t out acting up. I figured she’d be up and would want to chat for a minute. She stayed all in my business..." excerpt

Join us and follow us during this exciting 7-Day exciting virtual book tour, January 12,2010 at 7:00 EST. For more information about our guest author, Dominique Watson, and her book visit her at

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