Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Apostle, Mother, Wife, Minister..........Tracy Foreman

Keeping with my theme of featuring business owners, I want to bring to you Mrs. Tracy Foreman:

Meet Mrs. Tracy L. Foreman, a minister, wife, mother, entrepreneur, and trailblazer in the Kingdom of God. If you need a true friend, and cheerleader in your corner, this is one young woman you must have in your life. So many things can be said about Tracy's accomplishments, but her hard work speaks for itself. The calling God has given her reaches women on a daily basis all over this nation.

A New Woman Ministries, is a dynamic ministry of healing, love, and compassion. Precious souls from various states gather together on a regular basis to connect on a live fellowship teleconference line to deal with real women, real issues, and real deliverance. Tracy believes in building the total woman, body, mind, and spirit; so therefore, she has created several networks to bring this vision full circle. Wellness Keys For Women, is an online health and weight loss club for those who desire to embrace a healthier lifestyle. The Royalty Network was created for those determined entrepreneurs, men and women alike, who need 24-hour support that will encourage them to continue building their businesses, while pursuing their dreams and goals.

Also, for professional women who are ministers and motivational speakers, and desire to increase their speaking engagements by 50%, she created a free online database and search directory called Women Speakers Galore! Finally, at the end of the day when you need to relax and wind down, the Royalty Spa Collection would be an excellent choice. This is Tracy's wonderful business in which she creates natural skincare with a touch of elegance. As you can see, this amazing woman has something to offer to everyone.

This woman is awesome and has been an awesome benefit to my life; as a business woman and a woman in ministry. Apostle Foreman is a woman of excellence and is very much a 5 star individual. Please visit her sites, connect with her. She's doing something that has nothing to do with money, it has to do with building God's kingdom!

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