Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Women Speakers Galore

A FREE powerful online directory & search database for Christian women who are available for speaking engagements. Make planning a breeze.

This is a professional setting of women who are serious about their ministries and callings. We stand firm on our policy of respect and integrity. Our goal is to build a user -friendly database for our visitors to navigate through with ease. Each profile will consist of simple but thorough information about each individual speaker. This is not a group, club, or network, this is a simply a wonderful online tool to take your ministry to the next level. We look forward to becoming an avenue to your vision and growing success. 2010 Goal: To have at least 1000 women speakers available for engagements entered into our database, but in order to do this we need your help. Please refer other professional women of God to this site, and watch us grow!

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