Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Become a RSC Consultant today!

Become A RSC Product Consultant
Listen Up! (641) 715-3900 then 61555#

1. Do you enjoy seeing loved-ones and friends healthy and happy?
2. Do you like to use body scrubs, bubble baths, hand lotions, or bath salts?
3. Do you enjoy meeting new people, and building meaningful relationships?
4. Would you like to be among people who value and listen to your opinions and ideas?
5. Do you think you can sucessfully promote natural skincare products?
6. Are you willing to spend 4-8 hours monthly for training & development?
7. Are you willing to make a small investment that will benefit yourself & others?
8. Do you know of at least 2 people who may be interested in this company?
9. Are you motivated by quick, easy, and exciting business ventures?
10. Do you believe in working smarter not harder?

If you answered yes to "0" of these questions, this opportunity is definately not for you. But feel free to recommend an associate or friend to this website.

If you answered yes to at least"4" of these questions, this opportunity may just be for you, but not right now, when your life or schedule makes some adjustments, feel free to visit and re-take this questionairre again in the future.

If you answered yes to at least "6" of these questions, although you may have some apphrensions, we suggest you tune into one of our training sessions to recieve more information about this company before making your final decision.

If you answered yes to at least "8" of these questions, you are definately qualified to become a part of our family and team! You will see after working with us for just few weeks, your no's will eventually turn into yes'!

If you answered yes to all "10" of these questions, WELCOME TRAILBLAZER! We have been waiting on you. Now take your mark, get set, GO, GO, GO!

If your yes' fall between any of these numbers mentioned above, that means your decision is borderline, which direction you want to go in is totally up to you.

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