Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Featured Business Owner: Dominique Watson

Attention all writers: I want you to focus in on this woman who created a space for you to present your books, your poetry, your everything you offer in word and rhyme.

Dominique Watson

Dominique Watson is a writer, published author and magazine/business owner. She began writing poetry and short stories at a young age. Her writings are published all over the internet and she focuses on spiritual advice and inspiration. Dominique has published three inspirational books “Inspire Me Young”, “How to Keep God in your life” and “The Tension Reliever” which is her first poetry collection. “Too Much Untold” is Dominique’s first Urban Fiction Novel. This book was released on September 11th, 2009

  • She owns an online magazine for writers called “From A Writers POV”. She also writes for the magazine’s blog “The POV Lounge”.  
  • Dominique also owns her own ministry for women called Ladies of Christ Proverbs 31. She’s recently started her own jewelry company called “Eminent Empress” She makes and sells inspirational jewelry.
  •  Dominique is currently working on getting her Associates Degree in Psychology and expanding her magazine all over the internet. She lives in San Diego with her husband and daughter.

 For more about Dominique, check her out at http://dominiquewatson.webs.com

In her own words:

   I started From A Writer's POV ...when I published my first book, I was looking for a website, network, magazine that offered author spotlights, that offered advice and tips for writers and I couldn't find it. So I decided I wanted to start a magazine. I wanted to have a place where authors like me could get the information they needed. Not to mention all of the places I found cost. You had to pay for this and for that and I thought I'm sure there are other people out here who can't always spend money on their books or to advertise or to get their name out there. We have to start somewhere and everybody's prices were just too high. So I started connecting with other writers and authors and they were very interested in my idea to start an online magazine. We started out with just articles and eventually came to where we are now. It's a true blessing to be able to give back. I learned over the years that inspiring others is my true calling and I love doing it in anyway I can.

I got into this business because I want to give back to my fellow writers and business owners. We need a spot where we can feel at home and will get the recognition we deserve. I believe everyone needs a starting place. I hope to give that to my readers and subscribers.

Dominique Watson


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Anonymous said...

i have been a really good friend of dominique's for over a decade and she has proven to be remarkable. she is a true talent. from her books, to jewelry, to just being herself she always amazes me.