Thursday, October 08, 2009

What is it worth?

I have looked at my life, spiritually, through the eyes of another and though WOW, is it worth it?

I can't say I know the answer. I can't say I don't know the answer.

You see, life is about challenges and changes. You cannot stay in the same way of life and expect to get to heaven. You cannot flip back and forth with whom you want to servie (God or the devil) and expect to live eternity in Heaven.

I ask myself if my spiritual journey and life long campaign to serve the Lord is worth losing some people in my life and I can heartily say YES! But, then I look at my journey as Wife and Mother and say, Lord, can I present this area of my life with the same question; I don't know.

I get tired of trying to satisfy everyone in my household and trying to butter over the problems in life knowing I can't succomb to the tempation. YET, the bible says do NOT cause a man to sin especially if he doesn't know. So, I ask you, what is worth? Trying times seem to come every morning and I don't think I want to give up my relationship with God to make it all work. So I ask you, what IS IT worth?

Is it worth the love? Is it worth the tears? Is it worth the headaches? Is it worth the developing patience? Is it worth the time?

Yes, saints, it is. It is worth everything. Why? Jesus died on the cross for us. God thought that we were worth enough to have His ONLY son die for us. He died for our sins. If Jesus can do that, how much less can it be for me to just sit tight and wait on the Lord to move in my household. It is worth alot.

Some people may call it hypocritical of me to help another when my house is not complete, but, when you are keeping your eyes on the Lord and claiming the victory in advance w/o complaining..I'm a blessed woman of God..and it is worth it all!

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