Saturday, August 01, 2009

Working on Writing

It has been a while since I first started writing poetry. I had originally started as a teenager, now I am back to putting my life on the line and sharing all of me in my poems. Poetry offers a venue for venting, loving and giving.

Most times people will not want to share in your life as you share, but it doesn't mean you do not need to. I have been called many things in the past few months; in the past few years, but I am staying focused on looking up and working on my writing.
I am not afraid of looking at people that have left me behind or who have said I try to control them and their situations. I have one man that has held my hand all this time and that is God.
So as an event planner, virtual travel assistant, writer and speaker, I am building all that I can through my writing! Taking a break from everything else, I am sitting back and waiting. is the new site. Stop by sign the guest book and get to know ME!

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