Monday, July 27, 2009

Remember your Motivation

Do you realize, when you start a new week, that you are doing differently from last week? Whatever did not work, can be re-evaluated and done again?

It is hard to start a new with the qualms and quarrals of yesterday or last week, still chasing you around the house. Some times it is difficult to remember your motivation, but you have to try.


It is essential to remember your wants, needs, and desires and why you have them.
I started a business to be at home with my children. It hasn't happened in 10 years, but I am still striving. What is your motivation? Why are you pushing along into the next day.

Have you realized that God has given you a new day to bring you to a point of "light bulb going off" in your head?

I know life's struggles are increasing right now, but you have to stay focused on your motivation.

Remember who got you to this point and who keeps you going!

Blessings today!

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