Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Finish What You Start

Brief; to the point; and exceptional.

Finish what you start. Your success depends on it. No matter what your success looks like at this time finish what you start.

If you started a book, finish it. If you started a business and then it turned into a hobby, pick it up again and get it right.

The point of this brief blog is that finishing is important. No longer is procrastination for years at a time an excuse for life. It hurts your psyche to have uncompleted tasks.

For example, I have 12 things that need to be done yesterday. Why aren't they done? I have started and not finished. I have gone from one project to another with all the other projects still needing to close! You are not alone if you are not done. Yet, right now, you have to finish. Plain and simple just get it done!

Talk about the boost in your self esteem! Look at the relaxation time you now have.

No, I am not saying do everything right now until your hair falls out. I am suggesting you revisit those important tasks and accomplish the ones you WANT to and give the others to someone else. Or pack them in a trunk for another year.

I'm encouraging you to be a finisher!

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