Monday, November 24, 2008

Emotional Adultery...??

I learned something today on the program Love Worth Finding with Dr. Adrian Rogers, God rest his soul. Something about adultery, I do not think I knew.
There are various forms of adultery that we are familiar with in the of which is physical, the other is mental...but the emotional form of adultery I just learned today. Emotional...

As Dr. Rogers explained it, emotional is when you take what is in the home and share it with someone of the opposite sex. You are basically telling your business to some other party that has an interest in you(you being the man or the woman). I thought to myself "now, that isn't altogether true"...but he went further to explain, what is so simple as sharing your "heart" with someone who understands you can turn into physical adultery. You can do your best to stop it, but then, the flesh jumps in. Now does that have something to do with how spiritually rooted you are or are not? I would think so. You see, I would share my good times and bad times with family and friends. But then I heard a Prophetess Juanita Bynum say not to share your marital information with people, especially women. (being a woman; I never shared with a man, except my dad) She said you just don't take it there, because they can use it against you and take your man or ruin your marriage to their advantage.

Oh yes, I"m listening! Duh! Slap on the forehead for me.

There are some things you keep between your spouse and yourself so that it cannot be played on in your emotions. No one knows either of you BETTER than the two that are married together. No one can make you who you are NOT, by the words of someone else. PERIOD. Why one loves the other, or why the other does what they do is a connection that happens between the two married people.

Emotional adultery was very new to me, but I understand the implications on a marriage that it has. I can take this, as Dr. Rogers said, compare it to the bible and find some comparison. The only way to stop adultery, in any form, in its tracks is to recognize that it has been done..and ask for forgiveness and move on. Does not mean you get a pass go free card, but it does mean you can try to start over from that point.

The one thing, these last days, about adultery, is the victim has to decide where do they go from here. Is it worth the starting over or just dealing with life single? Do you move forward under God's grace and try not to backslide? What do you do?

I know the bible gives us good reason to divorce because of adultery, but even then, if the Lord can heal all wounds, and forgive all past mishaps, why shouldn't the spouse? As a saved-married woman, I can say that God forgives and gives people numerous chances to get right. Marriage is not a game; but love makes choices and takes chances. Whether emotional or physical adultery is present or has been present, you have to look to the Lord for your passport to leave.

God bless...

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