Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Events Styled by ESSENCE

I am looking for new clients and build my portfolio. Even in this recession, people need a platinum planner that doesn't come with a platinum price.

So here is what I am offering and it isn't on the site yet:

Give me a bid over $100 by October 1st (you can email it too) with everything you need completed from start to finish for your event and I'll let you know if your bid wins. Think of it like e-bay...you will bid, someone with very similar wants/needs will bid..and we'll go with the best price closest to October first, but nothing over $500. Your bid is for my services only, not what you need to pay the vendors or the venue.

Consider all things:
*vendor negotiations

Okay, let the games begin!

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Coy said...

Good for people to know.