Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thinking Thursday~~Valentine's Day in the form of a Child

I woke up this morning, looking for nothing more than a cup a coffee and a donut to get ready for work. I woke up struggling with the fact that, my husband, is leaving me again to attend a funeral. I woke up struggling with what in the world is wrong with my youngest son???? I woke up wondering what is wrong with me that I am just failing at this thing called life.

I don't like struggling. It's too difficult to get past, it's too much to think about and I just don't like it.

I sat at the kitchen table this morning, drinking my coffee, asking the Lord to show me something in HIS word about why I feel like this and why this feeling keeps coming back to haunt me. Nothing came to me, I found youngest son came in and sat on my lap and just leaned on my shoulder. I asked him what was wrong......he said, I just came in to give you a hug on valentine's day. I thought I was going to die! At 10 years old, it's my son who remembers mom on an unimportant day like this.

All his life, as short as it is, he has been the MAN. Looking out for mom; calling and checking on mom. God sent me this man in this baby's body to show me that it doesn't matter who I am looking for, God sent me enough to fulfill my needs right here.

As a wife, mother, sister, daughter, woman, I am all things to all people. God showed me this morning in my son, that I am not a failure. With 3 kids, I did something right with at least one.

While I was putting myself down,God reminded me why I was here........for them; my children. No matter what I did or didn't do, I am here to make sure they SEE GOD in me, and know that life is okay as it is. Just simple, just loving, and fully complete.

My Valentine's day came in the form of a 10 year-old child with the love, care and consideration of a grown man.

God bless you all and happy valentines day!

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