Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Heart of the Wife (Part 1)

Praise God today reading audience!!! It's in my heart to be the women to teach the younger women to be wives. Oh yes, I'm still learning....but I'm praying along the way!! So this post is just for the ladies; please free your minds of all negativity. Walk with the spirit...hold hands with our Lord while you meditate on these words...when you are done, pray about your husbands and their minds, their attitudes..their intimacy.

Pro. 5:19 a loving doe, a grace deer--may (my) breast satisfy you always may you ever be captivated by (my) love.

Song of Solomon(Songs) 5:16 His mouth is sweetness itself;he is altogether lovely This is my lover this is my friend, o daugthers of Jerusalem.

Song of Solomon(songs) 7 10 I belong to my lover, and his desire is for me.

The spirit is telling me to revisit this subject again. Be able to share the scripture and help the heart.
Praise God that I have chosen to husband

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