Monday, November 13, 2006

Hearing the Spirit

I do so many things in life sometimes it seems as if it's too much; for me it may not be enough. I want to be satisfied in all that I do, not just complacent. About two weeks ago, while laying my all on the alter at church, the Lord said "seek my face." I tried to seek HIM day in and day out, but something didn't work. Why? At this point I'm not sure.

Some events fell short; my marriage is struggling, my spiritual life is not up to par and my walk doesn't match my talk. I wonder if I am really listening to what I am hearing. When a Christian hears the spirit...the spirit directs them to do what is right; not complain about what is wrong. The spirit tells you to move according to the word of the Lord...not according to our selfish needs or wants. The spirit will convict you when you are wrong, not help you tear yourself or others down. Do you hear me? Do you know what I am saying? Are you a Christian to understand the place I am saying I need to be? You need to be???? Are you even ready for that?

I guess I'm going to sound preachy, but hearing the spirit is a lot bigger than that 1st thought or instinct. It's that direction we as Christians need to keep us from e-mailing the wrong things; from socializing with the wrong people; keeps us from saying it's okay to be on this side of the world today and tomorrow I can keep asking God to forgive will be okay to keep making mistakes as the spirit talks to's not.

If we hear the spirit, we can humble ourselves in the sight of adversity and still make it and claim the goodness. If we are who we say we are...the spirit is talking right now........................

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Hey Old Man!? said...

Sometimes we don't recognize God's voice or we refuse to hear it. We all have what we call a conscience and often that conscience is the voice of our Lord. I feel that when we do wrong or speak wrongly to someone or about some thing, that sudden feeling of uneasiness is the Lords work, telling us we are out of line. Let your true faith guide you in all things and your life will fall into place. Don't do things because they feel right by you. Do things because they ARE right by HIM.