Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Gifts of A Woman

This is my first blog. Please be patient with me.

Life is about where you are in God's plan. Some people may not agree, but it's not important what people think, it is important what God thinks. Over the past couple of years, I have been giving my life over to God and doing what the bible says. Do you know how hard that is? The enemy makes sinning look so easy...But the affects of sin are horrible on everyone around you and YOU! Not to mention your salvation.

I so worry that my marriage isn't what it should be or that my relationships aren't where they should be according the word of God. Well, worry is a sin. I pray to be at peace, but I pray to get right, read and understand God's plan for me and reach out to others to help them. What's wrong with that, AMEN?? Matt 6:25-34 explains why we as Christians shouldn't worry. Why? God is in control. The underlying reason in that scripture (in the entire bible) is patience. Patience that the Lord will do what He said He will do for us. Another reason is trust.

So anyway, what does that have to do with the Gifts of a Woman? We as women have gifts that we don't use. We have many hats: mother, sister, career woman, educator, volunteer, entrepreneur, construction worker, maid, counselor, financial planner, lover, friend...Etc. We do it all, have done it all, and will continue to do it all. We might not get paid for it in this life, but if we agree that God is in control, that He gave us these gifts to use them well and share with others to help them then will be rewarded in heaven. Is this important for my first blog? Yes, because it helps explain my business, explain my character and explain what things are important to me in life. I have a full plate....And my cup over flows.


Donald Howard Smith said...

Amen! This is a Great! article. Thanks for the insight. I shall take this and post it where I can always have it in eye-view. God Bless! and keep on writing. You Go Gurl! ^5

Dwight (Dazz) said...

If you just pay attention you can see God's hand in so many places and I can see his work in your life. I have been blessed beyond my humble imaginations, even before I knew HIM. Keep spreading His word. If one out of a thousand hears it and turns to him, you have done well.

Continued Blessings