Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Featured Business Owner: Maiesha Ross: In her Own Words

A few times a year, I, Dana Neal, feature women business owners that I find amazing. I met a woman, a great woman, in a Facebook group that feels like I feel: we cannot let our spiritual lights  go out in the business world. I was ecstatic about her sharing HERSELF in her own words here on my blog. I pray that God allows her, releases her to be on the Christian Business Owners radio show in the near future. This woman is truly amazing. I want you to meet Maiesha Ross in her own words:

I started out with a passion for learning, people and GOD as a little girl.
I knew there was a plan for me but I didn’t know what. I decided to be a

teacher in the church and in my local community. When that Pandora box was
opened a gift emerged that I had no idea was there. It started in a

classroom but then the borders were extended to people in the congregation,
to people in my community, to senior citizens in nursing homes, to people in
prison walls and even to the homeless and less fortunate that GOD sent my
way. I just loved helping others to learn, grow and to achieve higher than
they thought possible.

Two years ago I retired from my day job as a Retail Store Manager after 20
years. Recently I decided to awaken a gift that had long been buried inside
me and that's the gift of writing. I am currently working on several
children books and movie scripts. Because I feel knowledge is wasted unless
it is shared I also spend time sharing what GOD has blest me to know to be
successful. You can find me spreading this knowledge on several Social Media

I am a person who believe in miracles and just got my blessing on 12-21-
2010. After 22 years of suffering with PCOS and trying to conceive I gave
birth to my son Leonard Paul Ross III who was born by way of ceserean
section two months early. During the 31 days I spent in the hospital in the
NICU with him I received an epiphany. I do not want to leave this earth the
way I found it and I want to make it a better place for my son. If I can do
that then I will feel successful. Even though I have helped a lot of people
in my lifetime I know GOD still has a work for me and there are so many more
that need to be helped and reached. So I am going to simply "Do my Part".  
Maiesha has a true heart of gold and wants to help others. You can find her on Facebook, but here is a video glimpse of her family! Stay tuned to our blog as we update you on her progress of writing and living, allowing her light to shine! 

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