Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's Time to Invest in Yourself!

(this is a reprint because this network is needed)
Small Business Referral Network

Joining together to help small business work like big business.

The Small Business Referral Network Vision

For years now I have been meeting, networking with, and getting to know other business owners out there. I have been a part of many online communities, volunteered on many as a Community Leader or Manager, and gained a lot of experience.

I noticed in most cases, these networks seemed to lack a way to really get their members involved in finding ways to support one another, as well as the community, and help in finding ways to truly do business "better".

Some people, while preaching they are "pro" small business, really did not walk the talk. They did not give their members the true support or platform to connect and grow a better business. While they were good places to meet others, and yes network, they offered no true resource or support to actually get involved and grow.

Our mission is to bring these small businesses together to support, assist, offer services and groups that will give you the tools and resources that do matter. We will teach you how to connect and join together in a way that will benefit you personally, as well as those you choose to do business with.

Our primary goal is to build a truly interactive community where members are involved and supported, and yes even rewarded, for the efforts of growing with us as we help you grow your business. We wish to develop the benefits, services, and rewards that will help you launch your business and take it to the next level.

It is our hope to create the first true cooperative program of small business owners who'll come together to actively support the network in helping each other grow. It is our belief that to survive, a small business needs access to every possible advantage available. We also believe that as this community grows, members will be able to connect with help both on the internet and within their local communities.

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