Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Woman Entrepreneur on the rise: Trakelia Jimerson

It's fun to focus on women business owners because they are doing so much to leave a legacy behind for their children and grand children! I am so excited to feature Trakelia Jimerson in my blog today; why? She is the epitome of using her resources to do more in her life. In her own words...step into her life:
My name is Trakelia Jimerson and I am a single mother of two, a beautiful girl and a handsome boy.  I was born and raised in Ft Wayne, IN but moved to Indianapolis, IN in 2008.  I work for Clarian Health full-time as a Follow-Up Analyst for Medicare and Medicaid.  Just like any american in Corporate America I work 40 hrs a week and get paid for just that, 40 hrs.  For years my family has been cursed by the paycheck to paycheck life you know the making deal with Peter just to pay Paul.  I knew that I wanted something better for myself and my children. With that being said I decided to enter the world of network marketing since the industry has produced the most millionaires than any other industry around.
My first network marketing business was Avon.  I tried that for about 5 months and decided that it wasn't the company for me.  From there I got into the relationship enhancement industry with a company called Pure Romance.  I did that business from July 2009 to February 2010.  In November of 2009 I was introduced to a multi-million dollar telecommunication company called 5LINX.  When I first saw the presentation it made sense.  Get paid residually off products that we use every single day!
5LINX offers digital phone service using VoIP (voice over internet protocol) as well as video phones like what we saw on the Jetson's growing up!  See your loved ones no matter where they are for a low monthly rate.  In addition to digital phone we also offer home security, satellite television, high speed internet, cellular phone service and identity theft protection. 
To learn more about the company and/or the opportunity visit our company website at www.5linx.com or to shop please visit my personal website at www.5linx.net/letsgetittelecom.
CELL: 317-432-7859
WEB:  www.5linx.net/letsgetittelecom
EMAIL:  trakelia.jimerson@yahoo.com

"In order to succeed, your DESIRE for success should be greater than your FEAR of failure"

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