Monday, May 03, 2010

Taking Care of Your Temple

I am not a Young Living distributor! I am excited about using natural oils, etc to take care of my temple. Why not join are a few pieces of important information:

Founded by D. Gary Young in 1993, Young Living Essential Oils is world renowned for exceptionally high-quality essential oils, dietary supplements, personal care products, and other unique solutions for healthy lifestyles.

Young Living



  • Is one of the world's leaders in the cultivation, distillation, and production of pure essential oils.  
  • Is headed and founded by D. Gary Young, one of North America's foremost authorities on essential oils.  
  • Is the first company to combine guaranteed pure essential oils with dietary supplements.  
  • Sells products in over twenty different foreign markets, including Canada, Japan, Australia, and the UK.  
  • Has more than 125,000 distributors.  
  • Uses a proprietary low-pressure, low-temperature stainless steel steam distillation system designed by Gary Young to preserve the high quality of essential oils.

 At Young Living, we are committed to uniting ancient traditions and modern science to promote health and longevity. Through extensive research and commitment to quality, we are dedicated to growing, distilling, manufacturing, and marketing the highest-quality organic essential oils and oil-enhanced products in the world.
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