Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A Special Christmas

Every Christmas has been a blessing for my husband and I. My daughter was born on Christmas; she will be 20 this year. My youngest son was home for Christmas after having surgery at 5 weeks old (Christmas 1997), now 12. I survived the first season of my six year-old playing football(2000), now 15!

I can't put my finger on one that hasn't been wonderful, or what it has done for me to have this blessing every year. I can say that the Christmas of 2006 was a great surprise for me, when, we were with my family on Christmas eve (as we always are) and we were opening up gifts with them. Well, my husband handed over a white gift box to me and in it was a key; a car key...he had purchased a new van for me...I still drive it today. I was soooooooo surprised! It wasn't the vehicle that was special..it was the fact that I was special enough TO him to present the gift that way. Wonderful! Praise God for the special times!

Any special events on Christmas you want to share?

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