Sunday, August 16, 2009

Start a Home Based Business NOW!

Home Based Business Opportunity
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Zurvita is a leading edge marketing company leveraging the power of infomercials, word of mouth advertising and the Internet to create the next generation home business opportunity. This new business model creates immediate cash flow and generates long term residual income from essential services like energy, telecom and wireless.

It’s quick and easy to enroll as a Zurvita Business Consultant. Simply go to and click on “Join Now”. The initial cost of the Program is $99, with a more advanced option available for $349. You can start your home based business today for just $99!

There are 3 basic ways to earn income with Zurvita.
1.Immediate Income – this income is designed to put cash in your pocket quickly. These bonuses are paid weekly and can be earned immediately. There are Fast Start Bonuses, Business Builder Bonuses and Super Start Bonuses.
2.Leadership Bonuses – this income is designed to pay you as you build your team on your way to receiving residual income. These bonuses are paid weekly and start as you promote yourself to Leadership levels. There are Leadership Bonuses, Team Bonuses and Matching Bonuses.
3.Residual Income – this income is paid to you each and every month and is based on Zurvita customers that come into your business as a result of your direct efforts and the indirect efforts of the people that you teach this simple business.

Zurvita pays Fast Start Bonuses for your personal sales of Zurvita products and services. You'll also be paid Business Builder Bonuses for helping new Consultants get customers and Super Start Bonuses for helping 3 Business Consultants get their Customer Points.

As you continue to build your team and progress through the Leadership Positions, you can qualify to earn Leadership Bonuses on unlimited levels. Let me know if you have any questions.


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