Friday, May 30, 2008

Promoting your business: Being Considerate

As a business owner, timing is everything. Especially with events. Small businesses seem to assume that other small business owners will be okay if you procrastinate on deadlines, registrations, etc.

NO, NOT, BLEEP wrong answer. You cannot procrastinate on deadlines etc.....
Event planners strive, very hard, to keep schedules flowing effectively. This is consideration for their clients and themselves. So, be considerate!

I have many clients that are having large events and they need vendors and sponsors. Most of these events need money to get started and most of them need money to keep going. Sponsors and vendors are the essential part of an effective, platinum event. They bring more customers by word of mouth, or e-blasts, because of their presence at the event. Most of the events I have planned are open to the public and beneficial for all.

Promoting in this form takes work, but can provide 100% turn around right away. Being a vendor allows you to be face to face with your customer in a carefree, unstressed environment.

Be conscious of deadlines! Be considerate about business. It says alot about your professional character!

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